Final fantasy 7 sephiroth

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Equip Aerith with Magnify Healing, and other equipment and Materia that help her keep the team topped off during the fight. Once you have all the healing and survival-focused Materia, fill any remaining slots with elemental attack Materia, as there will be times when Sephiroth is weak to certain elements. This fight has several phases, but there are two focuses you should have during the entire fight: 1. Cloud should spend a good deal of the fight in Punisher Mode. Sephiroth is the most aggressive and heavily-damaging boss in the main story , which is fitting, as he is the final boss.

How to Beat Sephiroth - Boss Guide and Tips - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide - IGN

And then, over time, he began to hate everything. In spin-off appearances, Sephiroth is depicted as Cloud Strife 's archenemy, and is seen as a symbol of Cloud's troubled past that haunts him. His successes in the field of battle during the conflicts surrounding Shinra's bid for global domination led to his status as a celebrity war hero and the poster boy for both the Shinra Military and the company's SOLDIER program. Learning of his true origins drove him insane, causing him to be driven by a desire to destroy the world.

Character designer Tetsuya Nomura conceived and designed Sephiroth as an antagonist to—and direct physical opposite of—the game's main character, Cloud Strife. The character was voiced by voice actor Toshiyuki Morikawa in Japanese. Sephiroth is later revealed to be the result of an experiment by the megacorporation Shinra , in which they injected him with cells from the extraterrestrial lifeform Jenova when he was still a fetus. Upon discovering this, Sephiroth decides to follow what he believes to be his destiny and take control of the Planet , while Cloud and the game's other protagonists attempt to stop him. Additionally, he appears as a boss character in the Kingdom Hearts series and other video games developed by Square.
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